Take education to the
doorstep of every child.
Empower children with Foundational Literacy and
numeracy skills thus enabling them towards Lifelong
Literacy and Learning.
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Give a Child the
Gift of Education
Opening Doors to Bright Futures Through literacy,
lifelong learning, and a pathway to mainstream
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Children in higher grades are unable to read lower grade text.
ASER reports and our own survey results indicate that in 2018, over 40% children from 5th grade were able to read only grade level 2 text and this number reduced to 38% in 2022.
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Door Step School Foundation aims to address
3 major challenges of public education system.

About Us

Our quest started in 1989 when Prof. Rajani Paranjpe started DSS, with the aim of providing literacy to the marginalized sections of society. DSSF aims to carry forward the legacy and take education to the door step of many more children.

Over the last 30+ years, we have created a positive impact in lives of over 1.5 Million children across Pune and Mumbai. 


And continue to reach more than 70,000 children annually in Pune since last 6 years.


Started first literacy class
Added Pre-primary classes
DSS expanded to Pune
School on Wheels Program
Published first set of books
Started DSS Training Center - Parivartan to provide new Teachers' and refresher trainings.
Parents Participation Program launched
Registered DSSF as a sec 8 non profit.

Our Programs

School on Wheels

The Door Step School Foundation’s “School on Wheels” program brings education directly to the doorsteps of children in Pune who lack access to traditional schooling.

Unique Mobile Classroom:

  • Converted buses serve as mobile classrooms and libraries, fully equipped with educational supplies.

Bringing Education to Communities:

  • Each location receives sessions lasting 2-3 hours.
  • After school hours, the buses convert into mobile libraries for the community

Widespread Impact:

  • Our fleet of 9 buses reaches over 8,000 children across 60+ locations annually.

Community Learning Centers

The Door Step School Foundation’s Community Learning Centers (CLCs) provide a safe and supportive environment for children (aged 6 to 14) from urban slum communities in Pune.

What We Offer:

  • Quiet Place to Study: Our CLCs offer a dedicated space for children to focus on their studies and complete homework.
  • Educational Resources: We provide access to a library, computer classes, and science labs to enhance children’s learning experience.
  • Study Support:  Our CLCs offer support classes to help children with their schoolwork and academic development.


  • Our network of 3 CLCs with 9 sub-centers serves over 1200 children annually.

School Intervention programs

The Grow With Books program empowers over 50,000 children in municipal and government schools (ZP schools) in Pune each year, fostering a love for reading and improving literacy skills.

Our Approach:

  • Daily Reading Sessions (Grade 1): Daily 45-minute sessions focused on building vocabulary and reading fluency for first graders during school hours.
  • Weekly Reading Classes (Grades 2-4): Dedicated 90-minute weekly reading classes for students in grades 2-4 to further develop reading comprehension.
  • Home Lending Library (Grades 1-7): A program that allows children from grades 1-7 to borrow books and take them home to continue reading and learning beyond the classroom.
  • Bridge Classes (Grades 2-4): Additional support for students in grades 2-4 who need extra help catching up with their reading levels.
  • Parental Involvement: Increased focus on encouraging parental participation in their children’s education journey.



  • Grow With Books empowers over 50,000 children annually, equipping them with the essential skills and passion for lifelong learning.

Other Interventions - Project SUPANTH

Project SUPANTH empowers marginalized youth (aged 14-25) by equipping them with the skills and guidance they need to build a brighter future. Aligned with the Skill India Mission, the project offers two key programs:

Our Approach:

  • Community Outreach: This program connects young people with skill training opportunities and fosters a positive attitude towards various vocations. It guides them towards better employment and self-employment options.
  • 10 Bagless Day Program: Implemented in government schools, this program provides early exposure to practical learning through hands-on activities. Students gain valuable insights into career options and develop a strong work ethic.

Project SUPANTH empowers youth to make informed decisions about their future and uplifts entire communities.

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These are 2022-23 numbers

Our impact is a testament to the dedication of our team, the support of our partners, and the resilience of the communities we serve. Together, we are creating a world where education knows no boundaries and where every child has the opportunity to unlock their full potential.


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